Kabarnet branch show was established in 1993 as a Harambee show and was elevated to ASK status in 1998. The show caters for Turkana, West Pokot, Kericho, Samburu and Elgeyo Marakwet counties.

Stand Rent

a) Open Space Exhibition Stand Rates

b)Own Occupier Building – Kshs. 15 Per Square Ft

c)Society Owned Building – Kshs. 15 Per Square Ft

Other Mandatory Exhibition Charges
Theme Interpretation                       KShs. 2,000
Water                                                KShs. 1,000
Conservancy                                    KShs. 1,000
Cleansing Charges                           KShs. 1,000
Development Charges                      KShs. 1,000 & Application Fees KShs. 1,000 (For New Exhibitors Only)

Judging Fee per Class                      KShs. 1,500 (For New Exhibitors Entering For Judging Only)

Gates Charges

Adult – Kshs. 200
Child-  Kshs. 150

Special Party
Adult – Kshs. 150
Child – Kshs. 100

YFCK Tickets
Adult – Kshs. 150
Child – Kshs. 100

Trade Exhibitor’s Tickets
Trade Attendant Tickets – KShs. 500
Essential Car Stickers – KShs. 1,500

Pre Show
Pre Show Ticket – KShs. 100
Pre Show Car Sticker – KShs. 500


Exhibitor Profile

Potential exhibitors are from the following industries:- Agriculture, Manufacturing, Tourism related Enterprises, Fishing Industry, Banking sector, Import & Export, Transport and communication.


All applications for space must be made on the official Application Form and payment for such space must accompany each application. No Booking Shall Be Deemed To Be Final Until Payment For The Allowed Space Has Been Received By The Society.

Exhibitors can download application forms here fill and submit them to A.S.K Kabarnet Show office


Invitation To Participate Form

Download Form

Confirmation Of Participation Form

Download Form

Judging Form

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