Frequently Asked Questions

Opening hours for visitors are from 6am to 6pm.

Executive Members can access through the allocated Members Gate of the showground, and free parking is available in there as well.

A.S.K Membership badge allows you entry in all A.S.K Shows annually (from January to December). It allows you a maximum of 2 re-entries per day.

Visitors parking is available in the venue at a small cost except when you are an A.S.K Membership badge holder.

Visitors under the age of 18 are allowed to access the show from the second day of the Show.

There are variety of food choices provided within the grounds. Available restaurants are clearly marked on the Showgrounds map.

Regular taxis are available at any time. Uber, Bolt, & Little Cab taxi services are available via their applications. There are also PSV buses such as Double M, Citi Hoppa, City Shuttle and KBS.

Entry to our conferences/ shows are charged at a fee ranging from Kshs. 200 – Kshs. 300 depending on the Show.

It requires pre-registration.

With over 100 years of experience in the exhibitions industry in matters agriculture and trade; the Society is well positioned to help Kenya address the changing agricultural needs of her people through provision of platforms for exhibitions and networking that spur development in agriculture, trade and allied sectors.

Yes, it does. Kindly be keen to check on our socials (Facebook – Agricultural Society of Kenya and Twitter – AgriSocietyOfKe) and the Society website – www.ask.co.ke

The internships are based on the Organo Structure of the Society, ranging from Finance, Marketing, Communication, Audit, Sales as well as Office Administration. Yes, internship is financed and guided by the relevant policy.

The Society develops annual venue based schedule of activities. The schedule is shared to our stakeholders through various channels – social media, emails as well as through our interactive website etc. The charges are specific to the scheduled activities and are available on our website – www.ask.co.ke .

To become a Member of the Society, an individual:

  • Shall be respectable persons or groups or corporate bodies, involved in the promotion of Agriculture, trade, industry, tourism or environment and have been admitted in accordance with the Society Membership
  • The individual is required to fill up the membership form – available at our website.

For an individual to become a member of the Society, he/she needs to purchase a membership badge from the nearest A.S.K Branch and in the alternate, through the Membership Portal on the Society’s website page – www.ask.co.ke.

Benefits vary between categories but they include access to Society events countrywide, networking opportunities, access to business information, access to the official publication of the Society – Kenya Farmer Journal, access to Society facilities for hire at rebated rates, just to mention but a few. The Society is currently reviewing the Member benefits with a view to enhance the value based proposition.

We have 46 Trade Classes touching on different industries for selection depending on the exhibitor’s nature of business. More details of the Trade Classes can be found on our interactive website through the Exhibitors Registration Portal.

  • Convey your interest for participation through our interactive website or through the link; https://ask.co.ke/register-as-an-exhibitor/
  • Alternatively, download a participation form from the Society website on individual Branch page, fill it and email the form to the highlighted email.

Agricultural Society of Kenya provides a targeted platform for those linked with the industry to meet and discuss visions for the future.