Members of the society shall be respectable persons or groups or corporate bodies, which are involved in the promotion of Agriculture, trade, industry, tourism or environment and have been admitted in accordance with the Society’s constitution and rules.

Any person or body corporate wishing to be a member shall apply in the prescribed form or online through the branch of the society in which the applicant resides or carries its business in the case of body corporate.

Every member whose name appears in the register of members maintained by the National Office shall be required to pay an annual subscription as set out in the rules and regulations of membership.

Permanent (P) Members

These are members of the Society who have been members for three (3) consecutive years and with voting rights in Society Annual General Meetings.

  • Those being recruited for permanent membership must be introduced by an existing member and MUST fill in the prescribed membership application form.
  • Upon three years completion, members will be notified by letters that they are eligible for permanent membership upon payment of Kshs. 1000 registration fee.
  • If a member defaults in paying subscription fee for a year but resumes in the second year, he/she pays for the year in absence.
  • If a member defaults paying subscription for two years, his/her membership lapses and will be required to apply for re-instatement.

NB. Only Permanent Members Are Eligible To Vote

Non- Permanent (NP)

These are members or persons who purchase Membership badges for show purposes only. These category of membership have not met the three consecutive year membership status. They have no voting rights.

Membership Rules and Regulations

  1. Registration fee for permanent (P) members shall be Kshs. 1000.00 in addition to the normal membership fee of the type of membership being purchased.
  2. Membership renewable date will be on or before 31stJanuary every year. Payments received 30 days after the deadline will be subjected to a penalty fee amounting to 10% of the membership fee (applicable to P members only)
  3. Permanent Member who fails to renew his/ her membership ceases to be a Permanent member. However with the application for leave of absence such a member will be granted leave for the period not exceeding 12 months.
  4. Only Permanent members are eligible to vote
  5. Applicants will be required to fill in the Society Membership Application Form.
  6. Membership badges can be purchased from A.S.K Branch offices where you reside.
  7. Membership badges can also be purchased at the Gates during respective branch shows.
  8. Membership badges and car stickers are not transferable

Usage Of Membership Badges During The Shows

  • All members must produce a valid membership badge and a National Identity Card to access the showground.
  • All membership badges are allowed a maximum of two entries per day per member.
  • Corporates are advised to issue one membership badge per officer for each show day. ( The officer  will be expected to produce his/her  National Identity Card along with the badge)


Car Stickers

  • Membership car stickers are strictly for personal vehicles and not for commercial vehicles e.g. Lorries, buses, pick-ups and canters.
  • Commercial vehicles can access the showground using the ESSENTIAL CAR STICKER with the exception of Nairobi International Trade Fair where purchase of ESSENTIAL STICKERS is subject to prior application and approval.
  • Essential, Full Member and Executive Member Car stickers will allow a vehicle and the driver into the showground.
  • For Single membership car stickers, the driver is expected to have a membership badge or a daily entry ticket.
  • Vehicles with membership car stickers will park at designated, members’ car parks.
  • Car stickers must be displayed on the windscreen of the motor vehicles.



  • Replacement of lost or damaged badges will be at Kshs. 500/-.
  • If the lost badge is found, the office will notify the member to collect the badge at the branch where it was purchased.