Vision & Mission


Your Leading Exhibition Partner


A World Class Exhibition Forum


To provide a platform for exhibitions and networking that spur development in agriculture, trade and allied sectors.


The mandate of A.S.K is:

  1. To promote excellence in agriculture,
  2. To provide forums for the exchange of information and learning in agriculture and agribusiness,
  3. To participate in developing agriculture and related policies, trade policies and markets,
  4. To collaborate with stakeholders in embracing innovation, research and technology through exhibitions geared towards disseminating agricultural and commercial technology; as well as
  5. To provide platforms for marketing and trade in agriculture as well as allied sectors.


The work of A.S.K is spread over three key thematic areas:

The Society currently organizes sixteen exhibitions (both international and national) in showgrounds located in various counties. A.S.K uses exhibitions as efficient and effective pathways for sharing and disseminating important agricultural information. Exhibitions is a major product of A.S.K.

The Society is made up of members who upon application and admission by any of the 16 branches of the Society enjoy membership privileges and are subject to responsibilities of membership as enshrined in the Society’s constitution. The Society is in the process of adopting an integrated membership management programme that aims at creating value for its membership.

A.S.K has continued to mainstream her outreach programmes embedding sustainability into the core of their business operations to create shared value for business and society. The Society has 2 units engaging Educational Institutions and Agriculture – centric sectors. These are:

  • Young Farmers Clubs of Kenya
  • Kenya Ploughing Organization