Statement by ASK National Chairman

Promoting Agricultural Value Chain Growth

The global economy today is characterized by aggressive competition, it has become extremely difficult for agricultural producers to focus solely on producing primary commodities and still expect to realize a good income as well as sustain a decent standard of living. The value chain growth and diversification is therefore key to helping reduce poverty, increasing incomes and promoting inclusive growth of smallholder farmers. This will in turn enhance food security, improve nutrition, and increase economic opportunities for women, youth, and other vulnerable populations.

Our competitiveness in manufacturing lies in agro-industrial exports and therefore we need to increase the capacity of value addition in agro-based industries. This will help Kenyan products to get good prices on the international markets hence giving better value to producers and greater income to the country.

The Agricultural Society of Kenya has through her annual shows continued to promote the development of traditional and non-traditional value chains in Kenya. We have engaged key stakeholders such as agro-processors, input suppliers, transporters, exporters, retailers, financiers to develop fully-functional competitive value chains. The Shows also build the capacity of smallholder farmers by providing hands-on technical, financial, and managerial information as well as training. We also promote sustainable natural resource management to help farmers adapt to the effects of climate change while discouraging over- reliance on rain-fed agriculture.

We therefore encourage our farmers and entrepreneurs to attend the shows which will help the Nation expand the number of micro, small, and medium enterprises that can compete in local, regional, and international markets, increasing the gross value of products and services, and expanding the market share in local and export markets.

Karibuni Maonyesho ya Kilimo na biashara.

Mrs. Annabel Kiriinya

National Chairman