The Agricultural Society of Kenya (A.S.K) was founded in December 1901 under the name East African Agricultural and Horticultural Society (EAA & HS). The central objective was to promote agricultural development based on European Settlement. This was the brainchild of John Ainsworth, who was the Sub-Commissioner for Ukambani Province. He believed that the organisation was to be an invaluable institution in the struggle to establish and maintain an agricultural export commodity economy. The shows were to be a very important shop window for prospective buyers both local and International. Nairobi became the Society’s Headquarters with the first show held at the Jeevanjee gardens and market in 1902.

Significant Milestones Of ASK

  1. 1902 The first show was held on 26th February at the Jeevanjee Gardens and Market.
  2. 1903 Two Shows were held one in Jeevanjee Gardens and the other in Mombasa’s Prince Park.
  3. 1949 The Society changed its name from A &HSK to Royal Agricultural Society of Kenya (RASK)
  4. 1964 The Society changed its name to the Agricultural Society of Kenya and His Excellency the 1st President of Kenya the Late Mzee Jomo Kenyatta became the Patron of the Society.
  5. 1969 The Society hosted the Royal Agricultural Society of the Commonwealth (RASC) Conference
  6. 1972 the Society was honored to host the All Africa Trade fair
  7. 1986 the first Preferential Trade Area (PTA) Trade Fair was incorporated during the Nairobi National Show. This was to mark the beginning of the Society attaining International recognition.
  8. 1995 the 52nd World Ploughing Contest was held at Ngongongeri Farm, in Egerton University, Njoro.
  9. Today, His Excellency the President Hon. Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta is the Patron of the Society.